I am a graduate from the New Jersey Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Electrical & Computer Engineering Technology

About Me

I'm an enthusiastic engineer who loves a cool problem that gets my hands dirty. My engineering abilities extend directly from my personal hobbies including computer, automotive, and marine work that have given me outlets to experiment with new ideas. Currently, I work at the New Jersey Institute of Technology's Center for Solar-Terrestrial Research. I assist with various projects including data acquisition in the deep Antarctic field for the Automatic Geophysical Observatories, as well as research in collaboration with HamSCI to conduct science using amateur radio.

I have a passion for the design as well as the installation of my ideas and like to see my projects through to the end. Check out my project portfolio on this site to see some of my past work!

Problem Solving

Working collaboratively to create unique solutions to complex problems.

Dynamic Engineering

Designing tailored integrated systems for all use cases.

Smart Systems

Self-aware hardware solutions that increase efficiency.

Eco Driven

Creative power solutions for minimized energy costs.


5-Port 12V Car Switch

Running short on 12V outlets? Build a switch!


Jeep Overhead Lights

Installation of Baja foglights on my Jeep Patriot



A platform for advancing scientific research and understanding through amateur radio activites


Boat Alternator Conversion

Switching a Mercruiser motor from a regulator to an alternator.


Space & Astronomy

Mountain Biking

Machine Learning



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Zip Code 07103

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